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GRE Books

GRE Books website relies on college studentsgrad school advisors, online discussion groups and students who have taken the test to determine which books would be the most useful to students. All our recommended GRE books have among the best ratings on In addition to what we recommend to you, please consider visiting the official website for the GRE Test.

The best GRE books are reviewed under "GRE Books" and "GRE Tests" below. Then you will have 2 choices to get your materials quickly. You can purchase either through Alibris icon (used or new books; the best prices by far; very easy to register even if it's your first time) or you can purchase the best new study guides through (also very reliable; direct links towards the bottom of this page).


Raise Your GRE Test Scores!

All you need is 4 things to acheive high scores on the exam: Time and Motivation, solid study guides, and realistic practice exams.

Time and Motivation

How much time do you need? Pretty easy. For high scores on the GRE test, first get your study guides, materials and tests together and start working. Reassess after one week. Because there is only a limited amount of review products and tests (good ones at least), you'll know after one week how much more time you'll need to complete your review. On average: 3 to 6 months.

GRE Test Review

The best study guides are: ARCO, Barron's, Word Smart (Princeton Review), Writing Skills (Peterson's) and Kaplan's GRE test book series. There have been many conflicting reports on 30 Days to the GRE CAT, REA and the For Dummies manuals. Depending on your personality, you may find some interactive test software to be helpful. You can get many of these test review materials super cheap by visiting Ebay .

GRE Tests

By far, the best source for practice GRE tests is the Education Testing Service which makes available official past tests through various books published by the ETS. The test review materials mentioned above contain practice simulated tests which, along with the ETS tests, you can get in the online eBay auction at quite a savings.  It is very important to take all official practice tests, check your test scores then review your mistakes before trying another practice test.

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